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April (Michelle Ziudith), who likes to write poetry, meets Senandika (Reza Rahadian), a musician who manages to steal attention with his philosophy and principles. April, seeing the potential in Sena, introduces him to Sanya, a young producer who is also her best friend. The conflict begins when April and Sena fall in love with each other, but is blocked by the April's father, Halim (Bambang Paningron). Halim sends April to London to keep her away from Sena. April entrusts Sena to Sanya. She hopes that Sena's success will melt her father and make him approve of her relationship with Sena. Years later, April returns to Indonesia and witness the success that Sena has achieved. Unfortunately, the misunderstanding between April, Sena, and Sanya gives birth to doubts in April's heart.—

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