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Pompo the Cinephile


Pompo the Cinephile Movie Download Free

Released: 2021-06-04 Genre: Drama, Animation, Comedy Casts: Kohara Konomi, Rinka Otani, Akio Otsuka, Hiroya Shimizu, Ryuuichi Kijima Duration: 94 min Country: Japan Production: Shochiku Co., Ltd., Kadokawa Pictures, Avex Pictures, Movic, Studio Mausu, Movie Walker, Happinet Phantom Studios, CLAP

Operating out of the movie capital "Nyallywood," Pompo has been shooting one B-grade entertainment flick after another that anyone would enjoy. One day, Pompo's "movie buff" assistant Gene spots a new script written by Pompo and is moved by its exquisite story. In a fit of passion, he proclaims, "I want to see this as a finished work in theaters as soon as possible!" However, Pompo tells him, "So you shoot this film." Thus, Gene takes on his first directing gig. Meanwhile, Natalie, an ordinary girl who just arrived in town with movie actress dreams, has been discovered by Pompo...

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